Registering as Sight Impaired

What is registration?

This is being on your local social service’s register of people who are either severely sight impaired (blind) or sight impaired (partially sighted). It is voluntary and confidential.

How to get registered:

Step 1

Get a referral to an eye specialist

Your high street optician or GP will refer you to an eye clinic for an appointment.

Step 2

The ophthalmologist decides if you can be certified

The ophthalmologist examines your eyes and measures your seeing distance and detail (visual acuity) and how much you can see sideways when looking straight ahead (field of vision). If you meet the criteria for certification they will complete the Certificate of Vision Impairment (CVI).

Step 3

Register with your local social services

Warwickshire Vision Support hold the register for Warwickshire County council, when the CVI is received you will be asked if you want to be included in register of blind and partially sighted people. If you say “yes” then you become registered. If you choose not to be registered, you can still get support from Warwickshire Vision Support.

After you are Registered:

Once registered you will be contacted for a Social Care and Rehabilitation Assessment, this is to find out what help and advice you need to remain independent.

Advantages of being registered

There are financial advantages for getting registered, these include:


Half price TV licence


Help with NHS costs


Free public transport


Help with Council Tax bill and tax allowances


Leisure discounts

Claiming concessions depends on your registration as severely sight impaired or sight impaired.

Registration does not automatically entitle you to any specific welfare benefits, but it acts as proof of your sight loss so can assist your claim.

Your registration card will prove your registration status and this can help establish your entitlement to concessions including visiting places of interest.

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