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For many people living with sight loss, the greatest challenges are often those associated with isolation and the problems of not being able to access information.

The Home Visitor Service provides an opportunity for one of our volunteers to visit you at home.  It’s a wonderful service which provides companionship as well as assistance if you need help reading your mail, or if you would like a newspapers, magazines or books to be read.  They can also help with practical things such as monitoring the “use by” dates on food in the fridge.

Perhaps of most importance, is the opportunity to share a friendly cup of tea and a chat.

How we can help

Our team of committed volunteers donate their time and energy whilst management and logistics of the scheme is supported with the help of donations.

Get in touch

If you would like more information about joining the Home Visitor Service, then please call us on 01926411331 or complete our contact form.

Become a volunteer

Join our dedicated team of award winning volunteers

To become volunteer, all you need is some enthusiasm and a desire to help and we’ll give you all the training and support you need.

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