A fun evening of Trivia and Fundraising

One of the most important elements of our work is fundraising and a vital part of this is our regular events around Warwickshire. They give a great opportunity to support a community charity and have fun!

Here we take a closer look at one such event so you can get an idea of what’s involved.

It’s Quiz Time…

Our recent charity quiz night, organised by our dedicated service users Carol and Ron, was a fantastic success.

Carol and Ron organised the Charity Quiz Night.

Held at Bishops Tachbrook Sports & Social Club, the event brought together friends, volunteers, and supporters for an evening of fun, competition, and community spirit, hosted by quizmaster David Lafferty.

Contestants, are you ready?

The rounds were:

🎵 Music – Participants were challenged to name both the song and the artist/band after listening to the intro and a bit of the first verse.

General Knowledge – A broad range of questions that tested everyone’s trivia skills.

🤯 Impossible Questions – A tricky round where selecting the wrong multiple-choice answer could deduct points.

🎬 Audio & Lines from Films – Teams had to identify the film, the character, and the actor from various audio clips.

👤 Who Am I? Teams guessed identities from a series of clues, with fewer points awarded as more clues were revealed. Warwickshire Vision staff and volunteers proudly guessed our patron, Judi Dench, on the second set of clues.

The night was very popular, with 10 teams competing.

The usual creative juices came into play when deciding on team names such as The Iron Maidens, Rita, Sue & Bob Four, The Pretenders, Ron’s Renegades and The No Ideas!

The Iron Maidens team with Martyn Parker

And the winner is?

The competition was tight, with scores reflecting the teams’ knowledge and teamwork (and no cheating!).

The winners of the evening were The No Ideas with a score of 81 points.

Winners of the evening - The No Ideas team with Martyn Parker and Harper his guide dog.

The evening raised a total of £229, showcasing the generosity and community spirit of all those involved.

We are immensely grateful to everyone who supported Warwickshire Vision Support, and we look forward to the next quiz night.

To stay tuned for more events and updates, follow us on social media or drop an email to the team at [email protected]

We can’t wait to see you at the next event!

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